The Open Science Room at OHBM 2021

This year, QBIN was proud to sponsor the Open Science Room, which took place from June 16-18 at the virtual annual meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM). As part of our commitment to help make science more open and accessible to everyone, QBIN has sponsored several activities organized by the OHBM Open Science Special Interest Group (OSSIG) in the past few years, including the Open Science Room and various Brainhack events. This year’s virtual Open Science Room involved around 430 attendees and more than 60 speakers from around the world.

Activities in the Open Science Room included ten educational sessions recognizing the labor of the selected OSSIG fellows, five panel discussions covering timely topics and challenges in open science, and ten emergent sessions covering topics such as toolboxes or imaging sequence usage and standardization of multicentric data and to wrap up the event there was a social event hosted on GatherTown.

All presentations from the Open Science Room are publicly available on YouTube. To learn more about the Open Science Room, OHBM Hackathon, and many other exciting Open Science initiatives, visit the OHBM OSSIG website.

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