Discovering New Frontiers in Neurodevelopmental Research: A Conversation with Dr. Marie Brossard-Racine

It’s podcast time again, and I’m thrilled to introduce one of this year’s rising stars, Dr. Marie Brossard-Racine, a distinguished professor at McGill University. In our discussion, Dr. Brossard-Racine shared insights from her remarkable career and the research currently underway in her lab.

Dr. Brossard-Racine’s work primarily focuses on unraveling the complex mechanisms behind function and dysfunction in children with neurodevelopmental disorders. From scanning babies to adolescents, her lab tackles the unique challenges of MRI scanning across different stages of childhood development.

In this episode, Dr. Brossard-Racine opens up about the hurdles and triumphs of working with young populations, offering a behind-the-scenes look at how her team navigates these challenges. She also shares her inspiring vision for the future—making a tangible impact on the lives of children with neurodevelopmental disorders and supporting their caregivers by understanding and addressing their needs.

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Dr. Brossard-Racine, where science meets compassion, and discover how her pioneering research is paving the way for healthier futures for children and their families.

Here you can can find the podcast:

Here is the link to Dr Brossard-Racine’s laboratory website:

Béry Mohammediyan is a Master’s Student in psychiatry at McGill University where she explores sleep and Alzheimer’s Disease in the Villeneuve Lab. Her research project focuses on sleep disturbances during the preclinical phases of Alzheimer’s disease and how they are associated to Alzheimer’s Disease pathology, amyloid and tau, measured with position emission tomography. As a QBIN writer, Béry hopes to write interesting and fun articles and to propagate her passion for science to encourage people to engage with neuroscience and bio-imaging.

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