Embracing Diversity Charting the Path Forward with Professor Kacie Deters

Dive into the captivating world of neuroimaging with Dr. Kacie Deters, a professor from the University of San Francisco, California, in our latest episode of the QBIN podcast! Discover the complex topic of racial disparities within the field as we discuss access barriers, test validity, and the nuances of inclusivity initiatives.

Dr. Deters shares her remarkable journey marked by resilience and courage, offering insights into overcoming obstacles in academia from navigating failures to embracing growth.

Join us for an exhilarating conversation that blends academia with personal anecdotes, reminding us that failure isn’t just a setback—it’s an essential stepping stone to success. 

Here is the link to Dr Deters lab if you want to know more about her and her awesome lab: https://deterslab.ibp.ucla.edu/about-me
And her twitter: @KcD_PhD

Béry Mohammediyan is a Master’s Student in psychiatry at McGill University where she explores sleep and Alzheimer’s Disease in the Villeneuve Lab. Her research project focuses on sleep disturbances during the preclinical phases of Alzheimer’s disease and how they are associated to Alzheimer’s Disease pathology, amyloid and tau, measured with position emission tomography. As a QBIN writer, Béry hopes to write interesting and fun articles and to propagate her passion for science to encourage people to engage with neuroscience and bio-imaging.

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