Zoha Deldar

Zoha Deldar is a postdoctoral researcher in Pain Neurophysiology Research Lab at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. Her projects focus on the neurocognitive aspects and the neurophysiology of pain by using different methods including EEG, EMG, fMRI, as well as cognitive and psychological measurements. She is also passionate about science communication and open science movement.

L'art de l'imagerie: la science rencontre la beauté

[Cet article est en anglais] While art and science are often presented as opposing forces in today’s world, the aim of the two disciplines has always been fundamentally the same: to provide a representation of the real world. This intricate link between art and science becomes more obvious as we look to past discoveries that were made before the invention of modern scientific technologies that help us capture reality, in a time when it was in many ways necessary for scientists to be artists as well.

Le bon côté de l'annulation des conférences

[Cet article est en anglais] COVID-19 has shaken our whole world upside down. Our minds are racing with stress and anxiety as we read the news, worry about our loved ones, and feel pressure to stay productive during this unusual time. Coping with this new situation is extremely taxing and resource-consuming, especially for early-career researchers, as we face increasingly unpredictable futures.

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