Le Sexe et le Genre: Peut-on aller au-delà du masculin ou du féminin dans la neuro-imagerie?

Avez-vous déjà réfléchi au comment et pourquoi devrait-on penser au sexe ET au genre lorsqu’on mène une recherche? Joignez-vous aujourd’hui au Rachel Buckley, Jason Flatt et moi lors de notre questionnement sur ce sujet dans le domaine de la neuro-imagerie. Nous discutons des thèmes allant de la façon de définir le sexe à la discussion de résultat intéressant. Cette conversation dénote l’importance de la poursuivre et d’inclure des individus à travers plusieurs domaines académiques et non académiques pour obtenir une vision holistique du sexe et du genre.

Enlever la blouse blanche

[Cet article est en anglais] Early one January morning, I hurried out of bed and dashed to the front curb, worried that I would be late to take out my garbage and recycling in time for the collectors. Still in my pajamas with unbrushed teeth and hair, I hadn’t noticed a woman nearby rummaging through my neighbours’ recycling bags to collect bottles for consignment. She approached me to ask for any refundable bottles from my bag. Suppressing my discomfort at the idea of a stranger examining my waste, I opened my bag to allow her to investigate. She sparked a conversation about her distrust of the COVID-19 vaccine and warned me to avoid it at all costs. When I asked her why, she replied that the government had implanted a tracking device in the vaccine so that they could monitor us at all times. She told me that since we had never needed this vaccine before, it is suspicious for the government to insist on it now. I was so completely dumbfounded that I hardly knew how to respond.

Science ouverte à l'époque de frontières fermées: comment la COVID-19 démontre qu'une science ouverte est à la fois possible et nécessaire

[Cet article est en anglais] There is a growing movement in the scientific community known as open science that aims to make scientific research fully transparent, reproducible, collaborative, and accessible to all people at all levels of society. In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of open science is clearer than ever, and its feasibility is undeniable.

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